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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

substitute for tags...

Since i have to be a little careful which what i buy and for how much i have to find other ways to cut down on my expenses. So i have found a good way to do tags, mini tags and bigger tags. Everytime i buy cloths or someting similiar i find some pricetags on, that could easily be redisgned by covering with favorite patterned papers, stamps and other embelishments and then you have a nice personal tag. The reason i do it is usually i want a tag that is thick, and this is a good way making it thick instead of buying tags, however i love tags for instace by 7 gypsies and teresa collins.

Another thing i do, which i do not really recomend to anybody :) is a replacement for the embossing heater machin, whatever the name of it is, cant really remember. After having my paper done with the watermark pad and embossing powder, i just heat it on top of toaster, of course far up so i do not burn the paper. It works for me until i buy the heating machine.

Some funny tips to remember when i have my own big scraproom full of goodies and tools in the future.
Told my hubby to built me a walk-in-closet. When i saw Sex and the City movie when big got carrie a walk-in-closet, i just had to have one. For my shoes of cource, cus i am totally in love with shoes, especially pumps, however scrapbooking gives me a greater pleasure, so i might turn it to a scraproom instead. I am the gal that sits and scraps with my highheels on ;)
Have a beautiful day !

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