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Monday, September 27, 2010

Dress form by popalicioustoo altered

I have been very busy right now but took some time and altered one of the 3 dress forms i recieved from popalicioustoo. These dressforms are made out of wood and great to alter. I have seen Bona do it and ordered some of the dress forms after i saw sincerelyyoursboutiqs youtube clips 1 and 2 of dressforms:

After i saw this clip i ordered som dress forms right away becaus i loved how hers turned out. And at popalicioustoo they were so kind and send me an extra one with some goodies, so thank you for that.

The dress form below is the one i altered. I used the design paper from the ella blue collection for the body and foot. First i cut out the papers by putting the heartfoot and body on and traced around, then i edged the papers and distressed with vintage photo ink. I stamped with frensh script stamp by prima on the body and foot usind perfect medium, and coloured with perfect pearls in copper over. Then i put some prima bling on and the gardenia flower from iamroses together with a leaf. I also used some lace under the flower and used a tim holz cherise thingy :) After that i put rock candy paint on the body and foot paper to give it a crackeled texture. Until they dried i coloured the wood dress form by using black water colour paint together with iredescent medium. it turned out really good. i put rock candy on the sides of the body and foot as well. In the end i adhered the design papers by using mod podge.

Thursday, September 23, 2010 gardenias in brown tone and champagne pink

i just went to pick up my package i recieved from Bunma with . She has some amazing flowers, such as gardenias, roses, hydrangias etc. And their so pricy and the shipping is only 5 cent per flowerspackade, really nothing at all. She also sent me some extra flowers, thank you so much Bunma, and esp for the amazing customer service. these gardenias are ca 1,5 inch and each package has 25, for like 4,5 $, really good price so go and check it out ladies and you will get some really good quality flowers.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

frontpage of my cappella album

Here comes a sneakpeak of the cover to my Cappella album that i am currently working on.

prima bling from

After watching i thing Arlene's haulvideo she said she bought soem stuff from an online store called so i went their to see what they had, and i ended up buying lot of prima bling and flowers, which i love by the way. They had a big labors day sale, so got these stuff for a good price.

They also gave me some free stuff, thank you !!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

minialbum noteshape yt clip

Here is the video of the previous minialbum !

ssupercute minialbum noteshape

Some time ago Diamondrose123 sent me a minialbum kit and i made this super sweet minialbum using the papers and embellis she sent, I am glad with result and love it!! I used prima flowers, bling, perfect pearls, tim holts stams, ribbons etc.