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Thursday, January 28, 2010

my first SWAP !!!! :)

I have been doing a mini album the last couple of days, which is not for me, it is for somebody else! I have never been doing that and expecting one in return. Well me and Awalkinthecloudswithsandra decided that we would swap a mini album. She was so kind to give this great idea, after she asked me if i have done any swap before. I havent and i am actually a little nervous to do so, as i dont now if i am good enough yet. So she encouraged me to go ahead and do one and she would do one aswell. So i finished mine and i love doing the mini. It is much more fun to do for somebody else actaully :)

after talking t o her, and i was planning the mini, i decided to have no special theme of the mini, more memories kind of mini, and lots of bling bling and the color blue and a little vintagy. The idea was that i would try to use different techniques. Some did not turn out as i wanted. so here it goes:

the cover, i kept rather simple, some flowers and leaves, the metal part of them are hidden and tejped to the photoframe. added ribbon to hide it, i did not use prima flowers as i didnot have in the color i wanted, so i decided to use these roses instead. A photoframe in beige and felt swirls, where two photos can be tucked in from the top. added some blue ribbon on the bindingrings for more effect and more color. i found the flowers empty and plane so i embossed it with glitter and stickles. put a rub-on on : memorable moments. I used the blue awning collection by K&Co.

First page i teared the paper to show the corrugated cardstock and glimmer misted it. added some prima. A photo can be tucked behind the ribbon on teh photomap. S & R for their initials.

page 2, put a photomap and an envelope which i made myself, i made my own templated. I did not have a clip so i decided to make one, it is made out of a swedish penny in copper. we will not have them as they will remove pennies from the system by fall.

love this flower stamp.

page 3 i used this paper that i bought from the local store because i wanted mor e texture and dimension to the page. the background is a sheet made out of cork, i tought it would be cool to use it.

I glimmer misted the flowers with the cosmic shimmer mist, and it is very cute and a bit dark in color. loved it.

Some die cuts from a die cut pad i bought in the local store.

Next is a half page, with textbook tiered side and i used an old meter measurer or what ever they are called :) a photo can be tucked in there.

next page, i stamped a clock.

created a pocket by cutting teh paper alond the design and made tags out of the papers a bought.

this page is somple, i made the name initial by using utee and crack it afterwards and glitter on teh sides. a photo can be tucked in behind the journal spot.

i made this envelope myself. the tag i used stamp and utee to creat resist embosse effect

the reminder of design paper i made a pocket out of and put a tag in.

a photocorner for journalspot and photos.

i kept this page simple because it is so cute, did noy want to cover it.

another half page woth tags.

i used glitter clear embossing for the nameplates.

on this page i created 2 pockets with tags.

behind the journalspot u can tuck in a photo.

I bought these things at the local store to add more blue to the mini album. the cosmic shimmer is from joann sheen. i did not distress pages more than necessary as i wanted to keep focus on the blue color. the videoclip sandra made when she recieved the mini!!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

papers that i love...

These are my favorite paper collections, my favorite brands are K&Co and DCWV. However i like prima papers as well. as it seem, i think i will recieve a package with these paper pads in a few

weeks. Angels exists :). will also recieve ornates and questions pad.

Monday, January 25, 2010

package from craftie-charlie arrived + local shopping

Finally my package arrived from I had fun opening the envelope, it feels great to buy gifts to yourself :)

I had ordered some old collections by k&Co. The 6x6 mckenna and bailey paper pads. I love it, but unfortunatly there are no texture, glitter or anything on teh papers. All items were wrapped with pink silk paper, so cute. One thing i loved was the rub-on pads. The Brenda walton, the and the wild raspberry. they came in 12, 18, 12 sheets respective. They are so adorable. No where online or any other oneline store show photos of each sheet,s o it was a surprise when i looked through the pads, and i loved all of them. Maybe i shoudl show photos?

At a local store i found these adorable photo frames. The swirls are in felt, how adorable. A great idea to incorporate in minis.

I also needed a paper trimmer, so bought this one. it was a pricy one, so for now it will due.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Mini album "Fun Times"

Mini album "Fun Times" This mini was fun to make because at first i did not have any special idea in mind when doing the cover. I did it long time ago when i first got my order from simonssaysstamp and i wanted to try out the prodcuts. I used glimmer mist and distress embossing powder and embossing powder in bronze. it was fun to make it. Then, a couple of days ago i was sorting my papers and found a bunch of left-overs and decided to use it together with the old cover that i made. This is the result of that mini...

The glimmer misted cover.

Page 1, just used some brown paper for background and put a piece of a textbook-side over, ripped it and distressed it. Then embossed with green color a heidi swap damask stamp. The butterfly is cute out with a template and fastened with brad and spinner, abd some pearls in green.

Page 2, I made like a pocket behind the little paper book that canbe opened and closed with the ribbon. when u open there is space for journal and photo, and i stamped right side with TH stamp, think it is the time stamp. a journaling spot on the tag.

Page 3, kept it simple, with just a journaling spot that i cut out. and distressed the lines with distress stickles in mahogny. Made some pearls with liquid pearls.

Page 4, i made a corner pocket but put the opening part upwards, and used some swilrs and copper stickles on them to embelish it. Then i tuck 3 tags in the pocket that are fastened together with a clip. I stamped the big one with a journaling spot.

Page 5, put some ribbon on the sides and flowers. The big flower is bronze embossed and the smaller one with stickels on the edges. I put them together with a pearl brad. The flower holds down the TH tag but it is also stuck to the ribbon with the fastener. A photo can be stuck behind the flower and ribbon.

Page 6, I made a dubble pocket with tags, on one tag there is journaling spot that i stamped on. Put some lace on the top of the tags. Also put a small tag on the pocket cover. Distressed the edges.

Page 7 kept it simple with a tag that can be stucked behind the journaling spot. Put some red pearls on and distressed it.

Page 8, a corner pocket embelished with swirls. A tag which says "It is the things in common that make relationships enjoyable, but it is the little differences that makes them interesting"

Put some damask stamp on the backside of the tag.

Page 9, made a pocket by putting a smaller paper on top of the one that covers the whole page. adhered only 3 sides. Put a big tag there. I also cut along the the flower shape of the smaller paper and tucked three smaller tags there.

Last page is corrugated paper on both sides, i distressed the edges with bronze empossing utee on one side and with mahogny distress stickes on the odther side. I glimmer misted them and but a twine oarund it an dput two tags there. fastened it and put a small tag with a charm.