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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Inspiring Video clips to my house mini album.

These two yt clips are the inspiration to my house mini album. Belindas halloween mini is the prettiest mini album i have seen being a halloween mini, and the the swap from Kathryn, the tree mini album i just simply love, she also used the cosmo cricket paper and it looks perfect!!

Craftie Charlie haul

I just went to pick up my package from Craftie Charlie (
because i ordered the complete paper crafting kit by Cosmo Cricket, the Earth Love kit and it is so pretty and i love all the nature colours. I have planned to make a house mini album and it is inspired by two ladies (will post later about that). But i have so many mini pages so the papers in the kit are not enough and i went to my local shop (hobbyglädje) and fortunatly they had some new gorgeous paper that fit my house mini perfectly, namely the paper by imaginisce as it had autumn theme, and the colours and papers with leaves on are just perfect for my trees that i will putting in the album. I bought the kit because i wanted to use up all my papers as i never like to store papers and therefore never buy full paper packs but as much as i will be in need of, and with the kit came 12 design papers, 18 element card, 8 borders and 19 cardstock stickers. It would cost alot more if i bought them individually, so i only bought the ready set chip as extra. The papers by imaginisce are so pretty and i will be starting doing my album right away. As i was going to the post office so many people were out buying last minute i guess presents and i just loved seing so many people out and the wonderful christmas feeling, although i dont celebrate this holiday myself, but i do some decorations and it feels so good with all the colors and christmas music :)

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Petal Die mini album video

My Petal die mini album video. Enjoy watching!

My version of the sizzix petal die mini album

After seeing Bonas very pretty three mini albums, i used the template that i made on the swedish paper collection Maja design "Crea Diem" paper line. I love howit turned out an it is very neat, cant waitto put photos and journaling in. Thank you Bona for all your projects and videos, and welcome back, we missed you.

My mini album:

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Sizzix petal die template for 3 different mini albums

I have seen the cutest three minis today and immediately i wanted to try out these tiny minis as well. Bona uses her Sizzix Petal Card Die but since i dont have any dies nor a diecut machine i often cut out design paper by using my own homemade templates so i created a template looking like the die. The good thing is she show how the die cut paper looks like in the end of the video, so i basically took a lid of a jar and traced it and cut out, then i traced that piece 4 times on four sides on a bigger paper and then i had my petal paper ready to be used as a template on the design papers. I want to do the heart shaped mini, it was very cute and the pocket mini album as well. So thank you Bona for the inspiration.

The template:

Bonas three tiny supersweet mini albums:

Saturday, December 11, 2010

finished cutting chipboard for the house mini album

Since i have not seen any chipboard album that would due for my house mini album, i decided to cut out myself using my guiliotine by tonic studios, it works great with thick chipboard like the one i am using for this mini album. I bought the cutter from Jen at liveteachcreate, and i am very happy with it. I tried out the templates on pink paper and when i as happy with it i cute out chipboard pieces aswell. Now all i have to do is to find a paper collection + emelishments that fit a house mini album. Any suggestions ladies?

Thursday, December 9, 2010

template for a house mini album

While looking at different mini albums, i came across Belinda Akers holloween mini album on yutube, and decided that i want to use her mini album shape to make a summery house mini album. I scetched a template which will be used for later.

It is a totall of 8 pages, a house cover (page 1), house page 2, pae 3,4 will be simple squared pages, Page 5 willbe a house with chimney, page 6,7 will b regular squared andlast page another biggr house page (nr 8 ). Planning to tihs next year as i am super busy rigth now.

Basic Grey - Cappella mini album

Here comes the Basic Grey mini album in which i used cappella paper line, it will be a wedding gift to a friend. I will soon post close up photos of the mini album, for now here is the video:

Here is Stephanies how to make video, which made me go and order the cappella paper and diecuts etc.

And her finished lovely mini album.

Friday, December 3, 2010

I have to inform you all that i am a member of a wonderful craft community and hope to to see more of you ladies and men aswell :) there too. it is basically a beachy, breezy, casual social network for crafters who love scrapbooking and life at the beach. Come in and feel the sand between your toes!

It is superfun to be there and share all the creativity and love for crafts.

New Maja Design - ska vi ta en fika- paper here!!

I have to say that i love the the Swedish mail system, easy and quick! So i ordered the Maja Design paper and i got it 3 days ago, but due to the snow i have not had time or will to go to the mail office and pick up the package, so i did finaly today as i had to go and buy ingredients for a lovely fish meal i will be cooking today, its friday and we should all celebrate!!

One thing that i am really happy about is the sticky dubble sided tape. I got the big roll for ca 2 $, cus i ordered over 100 kr, whish is a great deal, cus i still have some left from the one i ordered like months ago and i use it alot. This paper collection is perfect for those scrappy ladies that love drinking Coffee or Tea :)