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Thursday, June 24, 2010

The final result of my Teresa Collins album "Travel Ledger". I have put all the pages together and binded with the zutter binditall machine. I went to my local scrapbookstore and they helped me with it so i am pleased i have a ready album before i start my adventure :) enjoy the video of the album i made, can hardly call it a mini album ;)I am in love with TC papers and collections. Cant wait for my family gratitude kit to arrive which i ordered from your they have great kits. Go and check out them. You will be pleasently suprised.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Folded 3x3 mini album made out of 12x12 papersheet

Here is a quick project i just made in less then few hours. I found a great tutorial video by Roxyfur on youtube. Watch and give it a try. I actually enjoyed it alot as it took only one 12x12 papersheet to create a mini album!! The size of it is 3x3 and supereasy to do, only score, cut and fold :) Some photos of my folded 3x3 mini album. Btw i used the iridescent medium on my roses to get that shimmer and they look gorgeous!!

Friday, June 18, 2010

I have been playing and using the iridescent medium and i love shimmers paint. So i decided to make some roses and flowers that are a bit shimmery. I just took a brush and put some of the medium of the edges of the petals anf around the edges of the prima roses. I love the shimmer effect. The flowers color still shines through.

Friday, June 11, 2010

My Travel Ledger by TC album

and few pages of the album so far....

first page so far....

....cut the corners to make them round...

....then put chipboard on front and back cover for more strength.

I started to cut out the pages....

Below are the papers that i bought for this particular album, i did not buy all of them just those below.

I tought the overlay would be harder but us a littl ethicker than an overheadsheet.

In this paper collection you get overlays, diecuts, folders, papers and quotes, all that you possibly will be in need of when documenting your travels, journey or road trips, what ever you like!!

Travel Ledger album by Teresa Collins

Yaay my Travel Ledger papers by Teresa Collins arrived today!! I could not wait til i got home and opened up the package with the papers. This paper collection is gorgeous. Go to the links to see some of the albums made using this paperline adn also the papers that are in the collection. You will simply love it.

Here are some photos of the mini Teresa Collins made (These can also be found uinder those links above).

Soon i will post some photos of my travel ledger album, well you cant call it mini album as it is 6x12 :) i have never ever done such a big mini album, but as everything really is included in her kits it is super easy and simple and most of all fun!!

This is a small photo of the papers in this collection:

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Here is the video of the mini album I created for a friends engagement, they loved it so i am happy about that!!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Iridescent medium and watercolors to create homemade shimmerspaint..

Yesterday on my way home from uni, i went to buy some watercolors as i have found a superfun youtubeclip which shows how you can create you own shimmerspaint, simply by first spraying some water on the watercolor and then putting some iridescent medium on and just blend to create the shimmery paint. Watch the clip below. In my local hobby stores none had the medium so i had to search online and order it. I found a website that actually delivers to Sweden and the shipping rates were cheap. See Two bottles costs around 8£ plus 5£. If i am not misstaken they send all around the world. Have fun creating :)

I have bought the lovely prima papers now and will try todo some sweet minis gor giveaways as alot of studenets graduate this time of year. So i have many yt clips to watch to get inspired :). I esp like the paper with the quotes (not by prima).