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Sunday, April 25, 2010

beautiful blogger award, yaay!!!

The other day i went to see my receieved emails and i saw that Sandra Perdomo had sent me a surprise and when i went to see her blog i saw that she as received a beautiful blogger award and she aslo nominated me!!! I was so happy to see my name there among all the very talented and sweet ladies that have been inspiring me so much during the last year. So i would like to thank you Sandra for given me this award. and i appreciate it alot and also would like to thank you for being such a sweet and genorous and humble friend. You are one of a kind! Many hugs to you :)

Here are the rules to accepting this award:

1. Thank the person who nominated you
2. Copy the award and paste it on your blog
3. Link to the person who nominated you for the award
4. List 10 interesting things about yourself
5. Nominate 10 other Beautiful Bloggers

10 interesting thing about myself

1.Firstly i would like you all scrapsisters to know how glad i am to have met you all online and got to know you ladies. I am very thankful for that and the this community that brought us all closer and enabled us to meet friends from all over the wourld we have so much fun together and great ideas and tips to share. and i truly believe that shared joy is a double joy. So thank you ladie sfor being so sweet and for being you.

2.I also enjoy spending time with my family, as they are my number one everything. No matter what happenes they alway scome first and then teh rest. I am really blessed for having such a great family. from the youngest to the olders, we are the same and have so much fun together all the time.

3.I love to scrap as i am fulltime student and dont have time to do alot of other activities as they take time, and i also love colors and crafting, but i really started with scrapbooking march 2009. wow times fly!!

4.My fav color is brownish earth colors, nature greens and blues. My scrapstyle is vintage so everything that is falls in the range for being vintage i love.

5. I am the only child and therefore you would think i am spoiled, but i am actually not!! But my parents did a very good job i must say :)

6.I will have a 4 years master in business administration by the end of august, yaay.

7. i love watching movies, and during tiring evenings i love to sit and watch a movie while eating vegies and a nice dip. favite genre is horror movies :) but my all time favorite movie is a walk to remember, i cried so much!!

8.i am not very good at working out or i have not had the time actually, but i have decided to walk more and work out or go to the gym as i have had backproblems. Besides who doesnt want to have a nice beach body :) of my passions is food, i loooove thai food. one of my favorite restaurants here is chilli thai, yum yum i also love to cook with friend, i actually did a traditional dish, dollma yesterday for the first time, and they came out great!!

10. I love being outside in teh nature. A dream scenario is to be able to scrap outside, however i saw on youtube that one of teh ladies tried that out and it was not so successful :)

I will like to nominee the beautiful blogger for this award
1. Stephanie (With a grin)
2. Fryne (Frynologia)
3. Christie (Pretty paper blog)
4. Marie (the pretty paper boutique)
5. Weezie (the world according to weezie)
6. Jana (2 world)
7. Joyce (gingerbread girl)
8. Jill (Jill's adventure)
9. Tara (blog)
10. Cindy ( the vintage vignette)

Thursday, April 22, 2010

i got a package.. i got a package ... :)

I got a package.... ha ha i am thinking of Arlene when she recieves a package :) in her youtube videos, so sweet :) Anyways i finally got my package from Sandra, with my stamps that i asked her to order for me. She faund a great deal, and it is really a great deal. All the Tim Holtz visual artistry clear stamps, the 7 sets for only 34 dollars, shipped free to her. I cant believe i have all the stamp sets. I simply love Tim Holtz and his stamps, and these will be used soo much.
And Sandra, all the goodies you sent!! omg they are soo perfect for minis and for another trip to be written down and recorded. Thank yo soo much, you are such an angel for helping me so much. I love everything you sent, and will definetly have fun creating with them :)

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Lovely peach tag

Lovely lovely tags :) i am so in love with tags right now. Whenever i find time in my very hectic life right now, i want to scrap, and as´I dont have time for minis i do something else that i have become very found of, TAGS!!!

This one i did last week but i did not have time to post it on my blog as i have been super busy. This tag is made out of paper from the graphic 45 collection "Baby 2 bride". I simply love it and will do a wedding album of it, i just need the whole collection first as I dont have all the papers. I used a regular cardstock tag as template and cut out the shape of the designed paper. I cut out two, the other one is adhered to the bag of this one to give it more strength and another paperdesign. the first thing i did was to use my prima frensh script stamp which i love most of all my stamps :) and stamped it directly on with perfect medium and used pearls shimmer powder. Sprayed with hairspray to adher the shimmer powder. Then distressed the edges with tattered rose ink and distress powder. Finally i put on distress stickles. I put on some lace, and a die cut form the collection. put some roses and ribbons. As a final touch i used prima pearls and a charm hanging in garment pin.

the backside i used another designed paper. On top of it i another designed paper folded in half to creat two pages. Adhered it to the tag. On the packside of the upper page i adhered a small paperbag where i could put another tag in. The paperbag i glimmer misted with vanilla breaze and also used the french script stamp on and bronze shimmer powder. So i had many spots for journaling and photos in this tag. This stamp on the front page is absolutely gorgeous, u have to tell me what brand it is Sandra :) it is one of them stamped journalingspots u sent me. To close the folded pages i put a small ribbon and tajped it behind the page and used some prima bling an dflowers. Right now my favorite embelishments are charms, prima flowers and prima bling, simly makes all layouts beautiful by using these.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Tags, lovely tags :)

The tags that i have been busy with these last days:

this orange tage i used shimmer mist from and the orange roses are bought from the 9000 year old city Jericho in Palestine, that is pretty cool right :) the leavs, lace ribbon and brad are all parts from swaps and raks. In this tag i used my french script stamp with vesamark and used pearls inbrown and stapmed roses on the corners with staz on, i sprayed it afterwards. The edges are edged with a sissor and distressed with vintage photo distress ink. The ticket i but distress stickles on the edges.

The greentag i used the glimmer mist sandra sent me. o took some drops and put some water in to make it a lighter shade and colored the tag with a brush. Then i used distress ink in peeled green color of for the edges and then distressed with vintage photo. I also useed the prima script stamp on this one but accedently used it up side down, luckely it does not show clearly my misstake :) i colored the lace with the glimmer mist with the olive and vanila breeze colors and used a tim holtz tag. Put some bling on and some prima flowers. A garment pin and charms aswell and finally ribbons, all by Sandra!

The pink tag i used tattered rose and mild lavender inks and edged it with utee mixed with glitter. Stamped love with red ink pad. Put some ribbons by Claudia and brad. The old lace a love and a handmade rose by Sandra.

ok, next big thing i have started to learn creating is tags, it is so much fun!!! At first when i saw all swaps with tags i thought naa nothing for me, i like to have big space where i can put photos and journaling but after seeing arlenes tags and also the ones Jade made i have simply fallen for this technique aswell, espcially after recieving many tags in my packages lately,s o thank u ladies for sending tags to me, i had only 2 before now i have bunch of them. And of course i had to make some tags after watching arlenes tags so these three are influeced by her tags and the one jade did for her valentines tag swap. Btw the one Arlene made for Rina is absolutely gorgeous, i simply love the colours she used. I have found that i lately purchase supplies after what she has been using in her projects. So tahnk u ladies for ur tutorials, it has been a great help while doing my tags :)

Sunday, April 4, 2010

the dubble-sided tape, one good deal!!

The dubble-sided tape i showed in an earlier post is a good deal. I bought it and it lasts for a long time, it comes in 2 sizes 3 mm and 6 mm, the photo is of the 6 mm roll. the lenght is 50 m = 164 feet. the price for one of those rolls are 25 kr which is app 3,5 dollars. it can be ordered from the online scrapstore scraplagret. their terms and conditions in english for international buyers.

If u need any help with interpretation with swedish just ask me :).

Thursday, April 1, 2010

new products that are a must have in ur scrapbook collection.

The dubble-sided tape, 6 mm, i love it!! and do u see how thick it is. it is just like tacky tape, but so much more. it is cheaper compared to tacky tape as u get almost nothing on the tacky tape role compared to this one :) it works for everything aswell.

The french script stamp from prima, great deal !! it is big and fairly cheap as it covers a big space compared to other script stamps i have seen. And it comes out really good, i have done a tag that i will post a photo of later. I dont have big acrylic blocks so i use regular glasplates like the one next to the stamp. works perfect as a block to adhere stamps one while stamping, just another tip!

Finally!!! i got tmy baby 2 bride papers from graphic 45 :) however it is not the whole collection. so i have to find rest of the papers or find a place that sells the whole paper pad. it came as a part of Claudias swap kit to me. i will have so much fun creating with my new stuff. have already played and made a tag with the stamp set. So this is it:

Thank u Claudia for eveything in the kit, many nice things to create lovely thing from. Hugs