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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Teresa Collins - Notations- coming up!!

Yaaay i just ordered the TC Notations memory album kit! This album kit is stuffed with all possible goodness that you would need for an album to look perfect.

Album Kit includes: album in black, 3 sheets of dividers, 3 sheets of die-cuts, 10 cards, 17 small journal die-cuts, alphabet stickers and 1 envelope

. Great for who has a huge family. Since we get an album included i was planning to buy black photo album paper which are thick cardstock papers and put in as well in the album for extra space for photos and use the 10 cards to write on instead. Luckily the album has no bind-it-all binding but 3 rings, so i can easily just punch 3 holes and put in which is great news to me who do not own a bind-it-all machine. The size of the album is 9 1/4 x 8 1/4. A youtube clip of the kit.

Charlie LaBonte made her own version of the album and inked it and her version will be my
inspiration for this album. Loved it!!!

I ordered this kit right after i found out that the SMASH book will be delayed due to manufacturing issues for few weeks, this will be a nice comforting in the waiting for the SMASH book.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Time to make cupcakes!!

Now that spring is around the corner and we have plenty of birthdays and parties i felt like making cupcakes, so i ordered few things to help me making cupcakes and i ordered from which has really good prices on everything regarding baking. I ordered 3 tips as i dont know how they will look to be on the safe side and blue sugar paste, gold shimmer and other stuff. Looking forward to make. Now all i need is some good recipe. I also ordered mango, mint, pear and tutti-frutti aroma for extra taste in the frosting from . I am excited!!

I actually went back and bought some more tools to decorate cakes and cupcakes with.

Tyll 6 tip

Tyll 20 tip

Blomma, 2-delad silikonveiner silicone vein

Balling tool/Dogbone

Textured Lace, nr 1

Formdyna, 19 X 19 cm foam pad

Petal Veiner/Friller

Sugarpaste, atlantblå 250g (Regalice)

Gold Sparkle powder colour

Bokstäver o Siffror, rak stil letter stans

Tyll 35 tip

Tyll 30 tip

Tyll 54 tip

The one that inspired my the most to start with cake decore and cupcakes is Linda at . I simply love her step-by-step descriptions. She makes it easy to follow and fun to make!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

House-shape mini album!

Finally done with my house shaped mini album!! It took so much time, because i dont have any die cut machine i cut every piece by hand in this mini album, all chipboard and designed paper aswell. I wanted it to look like a house when u look at it from front. I tried to cut different shapes until i was happy with it. So this is the result of my hard work :) but i enjoyed every minute. My family decided to buy a new house and i am planning to put in all the planing, photos and journaling along the way. These are the videos that inspired me to make the house mini house this way! Click the photos to make it bigger. This mini album has over 60 sports for photos and journaling, both big and small.
The paper used in the mini album is the complete paper crafting kit by Cosmo Cricket, the Earth Love kit and also papers by imaginisce as it had autumn theme, and the colours and papers with leaves on are just perfect for my trees. The kit came with 12 design papers, 18 element card, 8 borders and 19 cardstock stickers and i used almost everything.

The front page is the housedoor and window that i made out of a jounaling card and put glossy acent on to make it shiny like a window.

Through out the mini i have half pages for extra journaling and photo spots.

I made a mailbox by cutting out a shape of a mailbox, took me some time to get it the way i wanted.

This waterfall pocket i made my watching kathryns tutorial video on yt, a great tutorial! I made a change my putting extra tags in it aswell for more place for photos and journaling.

I loved making the tree but it was tough cutting out all leaves on the other side of the tree.

A house need a trash can.

Not to mention the tv! :)

I used my marta steward punch to make the fence..

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Smash blog!!!

Yaay i found the and check regularly for updates about the smash book. I have found my favorite book which is the pinkish one, the pretty book! Some of the pages inside the book :

The content in this book will be entirely about the past engagement (as the book will be in stores in April) the upcoming wedding, the happily ever after days and everything there between. Cant wait to start smash! in photos and journal.

A future scraproom bookcase system...

One thing i love about youtube is to see all scrap fellows scrap/craft rooms. They are so well organized and look amazing despite everything in there and it is really stuffed with everything. Now, i dont think that i will have a scraproom anytime soon however in my future scraproom i would def want to invest in a good shelfsystem or bookcase inwhich everything will fit. I went to Ikea today which is one of my favorite stores and saw the EXPEDIT bookcase series, loved it!!!
It came in different sizes and i liked the no 1 best. Of course, they come in different sizes and shapes as no 6 & 7. No 1 is a favorite because of the two spaces in the middle section for 12x12 paper pads :) No 2 is the desk section that can also be used as the space where u scrap and easy reach stuff in the bookcase. No 3,4,5 are all different inserts into the squared areas in the shelving unit. You can chose from insert with one door, with 2 drawers or shelf inserts like no 4 and of course different colors as well. Possibilities are endless and i cant wait until i get my hands on one of these and start organize my scrapcorner!! Best thing is that it is very pricey, everything for me would cost around 150 £ the way i wanted mine to be!! Press the picture for a bigger size.