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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Accordion Birthday card album

I was so upset cus i did not have time to make my best friend a minialbum, but angel arlene posted a yt video on a supereasy and fun card/minialbum so i decided to make it as birthdaycard with pockets to put in vouchers of different kinds that will be our gift to my bestfriend (we will be 4 girls splitting it) at the same time a very minialbum as it will have some photos aswell. All in one card. I had such great time making it. I hope she will like it!!

Monday, January 17, 2011

My house mini album is in the making.....

This project took forever, it seems. I started last year and still working on it :) But i will upload my favorite photos so far, i just love the mail box!

homemade cupcake stand

Pjuuu... what a job!! i just finished my homemade cupcake stand! that was not easy, but i did it.
It was alot of cuting and tejping. But i am still not done, this is just the structure. Tomorrow i will go and buy gluegun and fasten all areas and after that i was thinking buying spraypaint in white. Or if i have time to paint it with white acrylic paint. The edges will be covered with 6 mm satin ribbon.