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Sunday, August 23, 2009

paint instead of cardstock papers

One of my favorite scrappers ( I have many :) as will be noticed) Annasari on youtube, shared a great technique some time ago, on how to cover your mini album with frames of paint instead of cardstock. Annasari's clip . Now she uses acrylic paint, and this one i use is similiar and works aswell. When i do my mini albums i like to have a frame around my patterned papers, so usually i use cardstock. Unfortunatly i dont always have the desired color in stock so i thought why not improvise a cardstock paper. So instead of paper i use paint. Therefore i bought some basic colors that can be mixed to get the desired color you want. 13 kr a bottle is a very good bargain :) . I think it is a useful tip that can come handy when you run out of certain papers to have as background paper, besides you save money this way. One of these bottles can be usued many many times.

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  1. great great idea!! :)
    thanks for sharing this with us all!
    with a grin,