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Monday, August 10, 2009

my first blog dedicated to steffogal1 :)


now i have created a blog to post everything about scrapbooking, which is my hobby and i simply love to scrap. In One of my favorite scrappers blog i saw that she had a blogcandy to give away, and u had to have a blog, this is a link to her blog. She has been a great inspiration and i admire her craft work, it always makes me wanna do all the projects she is posting on her youtube chanel which i am a daily visitor at. So i decided to creat my own blog so i can participate to win the lovely minialbum, but it also motivated me to create a blog and post everything i do as i am a new beginning scrapper, which will give me an overview of my learning process :) as i leanr more about the techniques and methods there to be tried out. This will be fun :)

sunny greetings from sweden :)


1 comment:

  1. Hello :) How are you doing? how are your scrapbooking treasure makings going!!? can't wait to see the pictures.. and .. wow love the look of your blog .. O SO PRETTY!!