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Sunday, August 23, 2009

paint instead of cardstock papers

One of my favorite scrappers ( I have many :) as will be noticed) Annasari on youtube, shared a great technique some time ago, on how to cover your mini album with frames of paint instead of cardstock. Annasari's clip . Now she uses acrylic paint, and this one i use is similiar and works aswell. When i do my mini albums i like to have a frame around my patterned papers, so usually i use cardstock. Unfortunatly i dont always have the desired color in stock so i thought why not improvise a cardstock paper. So instead of paper i use paint. Therefore i bought some basic colors that can be mixed to get the desired color you want. 13 kr a bottle is a very good bargain :) . I think it is a useful tip that can come handy when you run out of certain papers to have as background paper, besides you save money this way. One of these bottles can be usued many many times.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

another folded mini album...

I just love these folded minialbums, because they are easy to make, yet you fill it with everything you need. Here is a birthday present i have made for a special person. I put her picture on the middle tag, and on the other two tags left room for journaling, for her to write something to remember her birthday. I put embelishments on, such as rubons, my favorite :) , ribbon to put the whole album closed, pearls, journaling tag, and the left tag has an acordian book( or whatever they name is) on it so she can write some journaling on. One great idea i got from these mini album is to have it as a wedding present. Usually when we go to weddings, we give money as gifts, because the couple can buy exactly what they want. But to make it a little more  personal rather than just give money in an envelope, you create one of these albums, put the money in of the pockets, and greetings and congratulations on tags for the other two pockets. Lovely little mini album :)

A new package arrived...:)

Finally i got my papers, which i've ordered from at thienthanh's store, She's got amazing papers to really good prices, i love it. This time i bought 68 sheets. the K and Company papers pack - CLASSICS - set of 50 papers - 6x6 and Basic Grey papers pack - SUGARED collection - set of 18 - 1 side cardstock - 6x6. The sugared colletion i bought just because Steffogal1 uses it in her scrapbooking GGS JULY Mini Album

I just love it, and told myself that i will do one of that album, because it is really cute and creative. 

Sunday, August 16, 2009

mini album..

This mini album i just finished. I am studying for an exam and just needed some time to relax so i finished the album. It was alot of fun to do it. However it is still not done, i have to put some embelishment and journaling spot here and there.

When doing this album i have been using shiny paper front and backcover and some pages inside, it comes from the DCWV luxury stack and also K and company blue awning. I used brownish shiny embossing powder, rubons, brads, transparent paper and charms, ribbons, flowers and other things. I love this album, because in it i will put favorite photos ad qoutes by my hubby. 

I copied this from a post at stephanies blog and thought it would be fun to read this in acouple of months and see what i was up too today :)

Outside my window... a big tree showing behind the balcony.

I am thinking... when will my scrapbook stuff that i ordered arrive, can't wait!!!

I am thankful for... my family, friends and all the incredible opportunies i have been blessed with in my life.

From the kitchen... nice egg and tomatoe omelette mum made for breakfast mmmm.

I am wearing... Light blue jeans, green top.

I am creating... a vintage album with loads of stamps in it.

I am going... to go to uni soon and have a lecture in law.

I am reading... financial accounting theory by deegan

I am hoping... that i will finish school in time, get a good job and alot of time for scrapping.

I am hearing... mum getting dressed to go to the malla nd my laptops annoying fan, and the local buss driving by.

Around the house... my messy room and lovely cleaned flat.

One of my favorite things... go for long walks, meeting my hubby, chatting with friends, cooking with mother, passing a course :), scrapping !!!!

A few plans for the rest of the week... blog some more albums, finish some reports, cut my hair and recieve my packages.

Friday, August 14, 2009

packaged arrived :)

Finally i got my package with the new 6 X 6 scrap paper pack - PRIMA first blush collection - set of 24 scrap papers. I ordered it from She is really helpful and i already made a second order. Lets see if that on also arrives quickly. I was surprised id came so fast. I dont think it took 10 days, less than that, which is good cus it came al the way from us to sweden. gooood :)

Thursday, August 13, 2009

new online shop

finally an online shop that is close to me with various of nice stuff for scrapbokking,
will visit it very soon :)

K and Company

I have found a favorite collection pad, that is the Blue Awning Specialty Paper Pad from K and Company. It is out of stock on two peas in a bucket. My favorite paper in the collection is blue awning floral woodcut foil paper. i should save it for my future wedding :) i just love to look at it.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

substitute for tags...

Since i have to be a little careful which what i buy and for how much i have to find other ways to cut down on my expenses. So i have found a good way to do tags, mini tags and bigger tags. Everytime i buy cloths or someting similiar i find some pricetags on, that could easily be redisgned by covering with favorite patterned papers, stamps and other embelishments and then you have a nice personal tag. The reason i do it is usually i want a tag that is thick, and this is a good way making it thick instead of buying tags, however i love tags for instace by 7 gypsies and teresa collins.

Another thing i do, which i do not really recomend to anybody :) is a replacement for the embossing heater machin, whatever the name of it is, cant really remember. After having my paper done with the watermark pad and embossing powder, i just heat it on top of toaster, of course far up so i do not burn the paper. It works for me until i buy the heating machine.

Some funny tips to remember when i have my own big scraproom full of goodies and tools in the future.
Told my hubby to built me a walk-in-closet. When i saw Sex and the City movie when big got carrie a walk-in-closet, i just had to have one. For my shoes of cource, cus i am totally in love with shoes, especially pumps, however scrapbooking gives me a greater pleasure, so i might turn it to a scraproom instead. I am the gal that sits and scraps with my highheels on ;)
Have a beautiful day !

shopping from panduro and scrapbbok etc

Today i recieved my eagerly awaited package from panduro. I ordered it only few days ago, so they are good at sending quickly fortunatly. I bought many rub-ons cus they were on sale, and i am a sales girl :)
the black one os my favorite, i have looked on various websides that sell scrapbook supplies but could not find something similiar, therefore i ordered 5, you can never have to many right. Besides i use them alot, especially those for corners.
I also bought some designed or patterned paper, and when i recieved it i wish i had ordered more of the the white and blue one, it has a wonderful pattern on but you cant see it from picture, its like a mask all over the white are, the mask Marion uses in her mini albums. She is also a favorite when it comes to designing mini albums. Really impressive :)
I also had to buy the brownish embossing powder and the watermark pad, but they come from scrapbook etc, its a store with loads of goodies in gothenburg, and worth a visit everytime i go to gothenburg. The Tim Holtz inc is just great, finally i bought one, mine is old paper and i love how it makes the paper look old and antique. Some brads, dubble sided adhisive and clear stamps as well.
Next package i am waiting for will be paper, nice patterned paper from Prima, the blush collection . It looks amazing, Because it looks vintage and that theme is my favorite, vintage old papers and journaling stuff, with a sence of an old forgotten time. I love it !!! :)

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

mini album made of envelopes

This album i call family album because later i will put some of my family's pictures in. Remember the movie " My big fat greek family", that is an excellent description of my family, dont know how i will have them aaall in the album but i will somehow :)

This album is inspired by Desdichaedo's Scrapbook Mini Album: Paper Bag Album, Part 5

In her tutorial she goes step by step in how to do the album, hers is made out of paper bags and my with envelops. It is really an excellent tutorial  clip. Actually alot of her projects are great and i will def try them out someday, but when i have more time.  as you can see on this album i dont have alot of embelishments, that is because i dont have alot of them at home right now, cus those stores available here dont have alot to offer unfortunatly but also cus everything i want for instance, prima flowers, tim holtz great inkand otehr various stuff are only available on online stores. Because i am a student i dont have time to sit hours infront of the computer and order, as i have noticed it takes time to figure what you want. right nw i am more focusing on the layers of the paper and how to mix and match colors. Next step will be embelishments and embossing powder. Now i have to go and study :)

Monday, August 10, 2009

tags and more

In scrapbooking i just love to see when tags are made, recently i watched a clip on youtube where Tim Holtz is doing a tag, it looked really good in the end and he did in a sec, i hope that the more i learn do the various techniques in scrapbooking  the better i get and do them just like those i admire. One very creative lady is arlene at

I just love her tags, check her blog more inspiration and creative ideas. And right now she is also having a blog candy to give away. i will def sign up for it. If i win it will be a nice surprise as i am a new scrapper :).  Good luck everyone.

first mini album

My very first mini album that i did ever since i started with scrapbooking in march this year, was a mini album made out of 12x 12 pattered paper. I got the idea from desdichaedo at a life on the {Scrap}beach, she calls it Scrapbook Mini Album: 12”x12” Tri-Fold Pocket Album. Check it out on her youtube chanel for a tutorial on how to make one. It is really fun and simple to make one.

The first one i made was to my hubby who was ill in flu, i decided to chear her up with a sweet mini folded album with tags, i wrote cute messages and sweet poems to make her smile although she was going through a tough time and some chocolate aswell, which is my favorite sweet. I wrote on the tags the messages and put on some rub-ons which is my favorite emelishment, and stampted on the front page get well soon. Also put some swirls and puttons on to make it extra cute.

blog candy

anyone passing by my blog, go over to Stephanis blog at and also watch her You Tube video and leave a comment on her blog. Stephani will be giving away her "1st Blog Candy". It will be a Paper Bag Mini album as well as some goodies. this is suuperfun :) as she would say. Good Luck!

my first blog dedicated to steffogal1 :)


now i have created a blog to post everything about scrapbooking, which is my hobby and i simply love to scrap. In One of my favorite scrappers blog i saw that she had a blogcandy to give away, and u had to have a blog, this is a link to her blog. She has been a great inspiration and i admire her craft work, it always makes me wanna do all the projects she is posting on her youtube chanel which i am a daily visitor at. So i decided to creat my own blog so i can participate to win the lovely minialbum, but it also motivated me to create a blog and post everything i do as i am a new beginning scrapper, which will give me an overview of my learning process :) as i leanr more about the techniques and methods there to be tried out. This will be fun :)

sunny greetings from sweden :)