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Thursday, April 1, 2010

new products that are a must have in ur scrapbook collection.

The dubble-sided tape, 6 mm, i love it!! and do u see how thick it is. it is just like tacky tape, but so much more. it is cheaper compared to tacky tape as u get almost nothing on the tacky tape role compared to this one :) it works for everything aswell.

The french script stamp from prima, great deal !! it is big and fairly cheap as it covers a big space compared to other script stamps i have seen. And it comes out really good, i have done a tag that i will post a photo of later. I dont have big acrylic blocks so i use regular glasplates like the one next to the stamp. works perfect as a block to adhere stamps one while stamping, just another tip!


  1. thanks for the great tips!
    where do you get the tape? i spend soo much $$ on the red tacky tape at michaels its craziness :)
    love the stamp too!! :)
    with a grin

  2. hi Stephani!! Glad to see u again :)
    the tape i got from an online scrapstore here in sweden. i just checke dandthey send to all over teh world. They come in 2 sizes, 3 mm and 6 mm. the one on the photo is 6 mm. the best thing is that it is 50 m long and only costs 3,5 dollars, and i had one for months!! here is the link to the scrapstore,it is in swedish but let me know if u need help with translation. the terms and conditions:
    the store: