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Thursday, January 28, 2010

my first SWAP !!!! :)

I have been doing a mini album the last couple of days, which is not for me, it is for somebody else! I have never been doing that and expecting one in return. Well me and Awalkinthecloudswithsandra decided that we would swap a mini album. She was so kind to give this great idea, after she asked me if i have done any swap before. I havent and i am actually a little nervous to do so, as i dont now if i am good enough yet. So she encouraged me to go ahead and do one and she would do one aswell. So i finished mine and i love doing the mini. It is much more fun to do for somebody else actaully :)

after talking t o her, and i was planning the mini, i decided to have no special theme of the mini, more memories kind of mini, and lots of bling bling and the color blue and a little vintagy. The idea was that i would try to use different techniques. Some did not turn out as i wanted. so here it goes:

the cover, i kept rather simple, some flowers and leaves, the metal part of them are hidden and tejped to the photoframe. added ribbon to hide it, i did not use prima flowers as i didnot have in the color i wanted, so i decided to use these roses instead. A photoframe in beige and felt swirls, where two photos can be tucked in from the top. added some blue ribbon on the bindingrings for more effect and more color. i found the flowers empty and plane so i embossed it with glitter and stickles. put a rub-on on : memorable moments. I used the blue awning collection by K&Co.

First page i teared the paper to show the corrugated cardstock and glimmer misted it. added some prima. A photo can be tucked behind the ribbon on teh photomap. S & R for their initials.

page 2, put a photomap and an envelope which i made myself, i made my own templated. I did not have a clip so i decided to make one, it is made out of a swedish penny in copper. we will not have them as they will remove pennies from the system by fall.

love this flower stamp.

page 3 i used this paper that i bought from the local store because i wanted mor e texture and dimension to the page. the background is a sheet made out of cork, i tought it would be cool to use it.

I glimmer misted the flowers with the cosmic shimmer mist, and it is very cute and a bit dark in color. loved it.

Some die cuts from a die cut pad i bought in the local store.

Next is a half page, with textbook tiered side and i used an old meter measurer or what ever they are called :) a photo can be tucked in there.

next page, i stamped a clock.

created a pocket by cutting teh paper alond the design and made tags out of the papers a bought.

this page is somple, i made the name initial by using utee and crack it afterwards and glitter on teh sides. a photo can be tucked in behind the journal spot.

i made this envelope myself. the tag i used stamp and utee to creat resist embosse effect

the reminder of design paper i made a pocket out of and put a tag in.

a photocorner for journalspot and photos.

i kept this page simple because it is so cute, did noy want to cover it.

another half page woth tags.

i used glitter clear embossing for the nameplates.

on this page i created 2 pockets with tags.

behind the journalspot u can tuck in a photo.

I bought these things at the local store to add more blue to the mini album. the cosmic shimmer is from joann sheen. i did not distress pages more than necessary as i wanted to keep focus on the blue color. the videoclip sandra made when she recieved the mini!!


  1. oh wow Avare this mini is so pretty and I dont have that paper collections so this is working really great i dont understand why are you nervios about a swap , I can't wait to have it in my hand because I know look much prettier in person , Thanks a lot!!!!!!!
    many hugs to you

  2. This is beautiful! I can't believe that you think that your work isn't good! This is amazing! I love it...would swap with you anytime.


  3. Avare this is a fabulous mini I saw sandrsa's video! It is really excellant seeind that it is you 1st....well done

  4. thank u girls, u have really boosted my confidence, cant wait to make more swaps!!!