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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

beach buy package arrived!!!

My beach buy package arrived today. I was at work and mum called and said, dalring there is a man with a big package here, is that for you? Lol, she said it so suprisingly because it was a biig box. Anyways here are some photos of what i purchased. I did not get everything such as the TH game spiners and adage tickets, which are the items i really wanted, oh well. another thing is that that i ordered the tonic paper trimmer but got the guillotine paper trimmer, but i have researched and heard it is very good as you dont need to replace any blades ever.

Love these papers, cant wait til i make a mini album out of these.

The tags are really good, thick and blank backside for aditional stamping or photos, which great!

I did not like the size of these brad, too big and too small, a medium size would have worked better, but i think they will do well with big flowers for centers.

I ordered first one clear utee, but then decided to go for two after i have seen Velma's flower technique :)


  1. OMG sooo jealous! Such great stuff!

  2. I know Mia, cant wait to use all of my great stuff, i will first do the Velma flowers with the utee :)