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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Time to make cupcakes!!

Now that spring is around the corner and we have plenty of birthdays and parties i felt like making cupcakes, so i ordered few things to help me making cupcakes and i ordered from which has really good prices on everything regarding baking. I ordered 3 tips as i dont know how they will look to be on the safe side and blue sugar paste, gold shimmer and other stuff. Looking forward to make. Now all i need is some good recipe. I also ordered mango, mint, pear and tutti-frutti aroma for extra taste in the frosting from . I am excited!!

I actually went back and bought some more tools to decorate cakes and cupcakes with.

Tyll 6 tip

Tyll 20 tip

Blomma, 2-delad silikonveiner silicone vein

Balling tool/Dogbone

Textured Lace, nr 1

Formdyna, 19 X 19 cm foam pad

Petal Veiner/Friller

Sugarpaste, atlantblå 250g (Regalice)

Gold Sparkle powder colour

Bokstäver o Siffror, rak stil letter stans

Tyll 35 tip

Tyll 30 tip

Tyll 54 tip

The one that inspired my the most to start with cake decore and cupcakes is Linda at . I simply love her step-by-step descriptions. She makes it easy to follow and fun to make!

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