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Sunday, March 6, 2011

A future scraproom bookcase system...

One thing i love about youtube is to see all scrap fellows scrap/craft rooms. They are so well organized and look amazing despite everything in there and it is really stuffed with everything. Now, i dont think that i will have a scraproom anytime soon however in my future scraproom i would def want to invest in a good shelfsystem or bookcase inwhich everything will fit. I went to Ikea today which is one of my favorite stores and saw the EXPEDIT bookcase series, loved it!!!
It came in different sizes and i liked the no 1 best. Of course, they come in different sizes and shapes as no 6 & 7. No 1 is a favorite because of the two spaces in the middle section for 12x12 paper pads :) No 2 is the desk section that can also be used as the space where u scrap and easy reach stuff in the bookcase. No 3,4,5 are all different inserts into the squared areas in the shelving unit. You can chose from insert with one door, with 2 drawers or shelf inserts like no 4 and of course different colors as well. Possibilities are endless and i cant wait until i get my hands on one of these and start organize my scrapcorner!! Best thing is that it is very pricey, everything for me would cost around 150 £ the way i wanted mine to be!! Press the picture for a bigger size.

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