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Friday, December 3, 2010

New Maja Design - ska vi ta en fika- paper here!!

I have to say that i love the the Swedish mail system, easy and quick! So i ordered the Maja Design paper and i got it 3 days ago, but due to the snow i have not had time or will to go to the mail office and pick up the package, so i did finaly today as i had to go and buy ingredients for a lovely fish meal i will be cooking today, its friday and we should all celebrate!!

One thing that i am really happy about is the sticky dubble sided tape. I got the big roll for ca 2 $, cus i ordered over 100 kr, whish is a great deal, cus i still have some left from the one i ordered like months ago and i use it alot. This paper collection is perfect for those scrappy ladies that love drinking Coffee or Tea :)

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