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Monday, March 29, 2010

more new papers :) by Tilda the "Frostedand bluegreen" and “Crea Diem” by Maja Design

This is the cover of my new new blue tilda mini album, yes that is what i will call it the "blue tilda" mini :) i love it!!!

Another Tilda collection, i am simply in love with Tilda!!! this one is frosted bluegreen, so cute. i have already sent out two small packages to 2 friends.

The papers are sent out to somebody lucky :)

A new collection that i bought from our local scrapbook store is the "Crea Diem" by Maja Design. I simply love it. the whole paper can be used, even the boarder on the bottom of the paper with name of the design and brand. In this collection that strip has a boarder design on the backside so when u cut of u can simply use it to, very cleaver !!! On the design strip it is written in latin different sentimants, and on the information side it is written what those lating sentenses stands for in swedish, so i simply love this collection. i bought 10 papers.

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