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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Pocket mini album with paint as background

This is my mini album I a couple of days ago. It is inspired by I think annasari on YouTube. This is big envelops I have folded in two and the part you close the envelope I have left open and used it as pockets. Then instead of using cardstock as background I used paint. I used light brown, gold, silver, and a dark pink, which I made by mixing red and white. Then I put patterned paper and, used stamps, brads, ribbon, and journaling paper from a journaling book I have. And for the pockets I put in tags and embellished it with flowers. I love prima flowers. I put it together by using black rope. I learned this technique from annasari on YouTube. I love this information channel, most of the techniques I use and try most often I have learnt from different talented people by watching their YouTube videos.

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