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Saturday, June 18, 2011

pink paislee butterfly garden and flowers

wow long time no posting... :)
But now i have some time for some creativity so therefore i have decided to make a nice chest box and decorate it with papers by pink paislee and flowers.

I got the idea for the chest from Crafting Clare. She has done a great job on her chest box and give a great template for how to make the box. all photos and template come from her website:

I am gonna do this chest box as it will function as a card and giftholder for a wedding. I will make a score and cut it on the top of the chest so they can put in the envelopes with their gift. I will decorate it with butterfly garden papers as the theme colors are gold and peach. i will decorate the chest with peach flowers, and ad some of the pinish ones Bunma sent as a gift.


  1. this is brilliant can I have permission to print it out so I can make a christmas santa box for my grand children

  2. Hi Colleen, of course you can print and do the christmas box. I am sure it will look lovely. I would love to see how it turns out later :)