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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Making you self - A cupcake stand

I have decided to make my own cupcake stand as i did not found any good ones to buy and that can hold many cupcakes. This one can approx take over 50 cupcakes, not the biggest ones but a normal size. It is made out of cardbord. I simply looked for templates on how to do yourself online an dfound some pretty good websites that affored free download instructions. So i simply tried to follow and also buy improvising. I have painted it with white acrylic paint. The edges will be hidden by adhering 6mm wide satin ribbon. It really looks nice to me and it feels special cus it is homemade :)


  1. wow, I love this idea , then cupcake stand looks beautiful, I think that with a little creativity and persistence you can do many wonderful things. I'm going to surprise my niece with a beautiful cake,

    thanks for the ideas, great site

  2. Thank you jess, I know all you have to do is look for few basic ideas on google and put ur own touch to it, good luck with the cake, and i am glad to share my ideas with you all.