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Monday, August 2, 2010

I have just come home from a month abroad, i attended a summercourse in UK, and it was wonderful, i took so many photos, and cant wait to get the photos so i can start put them in my tc album. While being away i have not had any time to scrap, and i missed doing it as it helps me to relax and think of something else for a moment, when you need some time to just chill and not to think of everyday life which can be soo busy. I was looking around online and found some new papers that i dont have and ordered them. I knew by the time i get back home i can go and pick up the package which i did today :)

The first 2 collections are by GCD Studios, the "Paris Nights", and the "Ella Blue". They are dubble sided with textured linnen finish and some of teh papares are flocked and distressed. An elligant and beautiful pattern. I simply love these 2 collections. But one thing i dont like with some online shops are they way the sell some products. These 2 collections come in pack of 48 but the sellers sell them in packs of 12 sheets and you still pay a very high price for it. The same goes for the last collection the La Papier by My mind's eye. It is just not fair that just beacuse we who dont live in US, we have to pay such a high price for less than half of the amount. Oh well :) At least we get the products. My fav online shop is still SImonsaysstamp but they dont have all the brands unfortunatly.

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